ITZY - BORN TO BE [2024.01.08✘MP3✘RAR]

ITZY - BORN TO BE [2024.01.08✘MP3✘RAR]

Detail:  ITZY - BORN TO BE
Artist & Title ITZY - BORN TO BE  
File FormatMP3
Release Date2024.01.08


ITZY, the powerhouse girl group, unleashed its latest anthem, "BORN TO BE," on January 8, 2024. This electrifying track marks a new chapter for ITZY, radiating empowerment and delivering an unforgettable sonic experience.

Unveiling "BORN TO BE":

Empowering Lyrics "BORN TO BE" doesn't just deliver a beat; it's a proclamation of empowerment. The lyrics resonate with themes of self-confidence, resilience, and embracing one's true identity. ITZY, known for its empowering messages, takes it a step further with this dynamic anthem that encourages listeners to embrace their uniqueness.

Infectious Beats:

The beats of "BORN TO BE" are nothing short of infectious. ITZY's signature blend of catchy hooks and powerful instrumentals creates a sonic journey that will have fans hitting the replay button. The song's energetic rhythm is destined to become a favorite on playlists worldwide.

The ITZY Phenomenon:

Fandom Frenzy With the release of "BORN TO BE," social media platforms are buzzing with the ITZY fandom's excitement. Fans are using hashtags like #ITZYBornToBe to share their favorite lyrics, dance covers, and fan art inspired by the empowering message of the song. Global Trendsetter ITZY has become a global trendsetter, and "BORN TO BE" is no exception. The song's universal themes and catchy melody have quickly captured the attention of international audiences, solidifying ITZY's position as K-pop trailblazers.

Where to Experience the ITZY Magic:

Streaming Platforms "BORN TO BE" is available on major streaming platforms, allowing fans to experience the magic wherever they go. From Spotify to Apple Music, listeners can add this empowering anthem to their daily playlists. Music Video Extravaganza ITZY's music videos are known for their visually stunning and powerful storytelling. "BORN TO BE" is accompanied by a mesmerizing music video that brings the song's empowering message to life. Dive into a visual feast as the members of ITZY showcase their charisma and talent.

ITZY Merchandise Galore:

Limited-Edition Merch For die-hard ITZY fans, there's a plethora of limited-edition merchandise associated with "BORN TO BE." From exclusive album sets to stylish apparel, fans can grab a piece of the ITZY phenomenon and showcase their support for this empowering anthem.


In conclusion, ITZY's "BORN TO BE," released on January 8, 2024, is more than just a song; it's a dynamic anthem that resonates with the spirit of empowerment. Dive into the world of ITZY and let the beats of "BORN TO BE" inspire you to embrace your true self.

Tracklist:  ITZY - BORN TO BE mp3

3. Mr. Vampire
4. Dynamite
5. Crown On My Head (YEJI)
6. Blossom (LIA)
7. Run Away (RYUJIN)
9. Yet, but (YUNA)
10. Escalator

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