TWICE - THE REMIXES [2023.11.22✘MP3✘RAR]

TWICE - THE REMIXES [2023.11.22✘MP3✘RAR]

Artist & Title TWICE - THE REMIXES   
File FormatMP3
Release Date2023.11.22


Prepare to embark on a musical journey as TWICE, the powerhouse of K-pop releases its latest electrifying creation, "THE REMIXES." Unveiled on November 22, 2023, this remix compilation is not just a collection of beats; it's a sonic odyssey that takes TWICE's iconic tracks to new heights of euphoria.

A Remix Extravaganza:

"THE REMIXES" is a remix extravaganza that breathes fresh life into TWICE's chart-topping hits. This compilation is a testament to the group's commitment to innovation, as they invite fans to experience their beloved tracks in a dynamic and reimagined sonic landscape. Get ready to rediscover your favorite TWICE songs in a way you've never heard before.

TWICE's Signature Tracks Reinvented:

Within the pulsating beats of "THE REMIXES," TWICE's signature tracks transform. From the infectious energy of "CHEER UP" to the anthemic resonance of "FANCY," each remix is a unique reinterpretation that showcases the versatility of TWICE's discography. The remixes breathe new life into familiar melodies, offering a fresh perspective on the group's musical evolution.

Diverse Remix Styles:

The remix compilation introduces a tapestry of diverse styles, from EDM-infused rhythms to soulful reharmonizations. Each track within "THE REMIXES" is a genre-blending spectacle that highlights the creativity of the remixers and the adaptability of TWICE's discography. Get ready to dance, sway, and immerse yourself in a kaleidoscope of sonic textures.

Visual Extravaganza in Music Videos:

Complementing the audio experience is a visual extravaganza in the music videos accompanying "THE REMIXES." TWICE invites fans into a vibrant world of colors, dynamic choreography, and visual storytelling. The music videos become a feast for the eyes, enhancing the overall experience of the remix compilation.

Connecting Through Remix Vibrations:

As "THE REMIXES" reverberate across digital platforms, TWICE encourages fans to connect through shared remix vibrations. Engage in discussions on social media, share your favorite remix moments, and become part of the global community that celebrates the transformative power of TWICE's music.

Limited-Edition Remix Bliss:

Released on November 22, 2023, "THE REMIXES" is not just an album; it's a limited-edition remix bliss. Whether you're a dedicated ONCE or a newcomer to TWICE's sonic universe, this release offers a unique opportunity to own a piece of K-pop history and immerse yourself in the electrifying beats of "THE REMIXES."


As you dive into the pulsating rhythms of "THE REMIXES," let TWICE be your guide through a sonic landscape where innovation meets nostalgia. This latest release is not just a remix compilation; it's a celebration of TWICE's musical evolution and the unyielding connection they share with their global fanbase.

Tracklist:  TWICE - THE REMIXES   mp3

1. MOONLIGHT SUNRISE (Jonas Blue Remix)
2. The Feels (Ian Asher Remix)
3. SET ME FREE (Carneyval Remix)
4. Alcohol-Free (English ver.)
5. CRY FOR ME (English ver.)
7. MORE & MORE (LEE HAE SOL Sped Up Remix)

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