Red Velvet - Chill Kill - The 3rd Album [2023.11.13✘MP3✘RAR]

Red Velvet - Chill Kill - The 3rd Album [2023.11.13✘MP3✘RAR]

Red Velvet - Chill Kill - The 3rd Album
Detail:  Red Velvet (레드벨벳) - Chill Kill - The 3rd Album 
Artist & Title Red Velvet (레드벨벳) - Chill Kill - The 3rd Album   
File FormatMP3
Release Date2023.11.13


Red Velvet, the reigning queens of K-pop, have once again mesmerized the music world with their much-anticipated 3rd album, "Chill Kill," released on November 13, 2023. This sonic journey, consisting of 10 mesmerizing tracks, invites listeners into a realm where melodies transcend, and emotions resonate. Let's delve into the heart of "Chill Kill" as we explore each track, uncovering the magic woven by Red Velvet.

Track 1: Chill Kill

Velvet's signature sound – a harmonious blend of ethereal vocals, dynamic beats, and compelling lyrics. "Chill Kill" stands as a testament to the group's evolution and artistic prowess.

Track 2: Knock Knock (Who's There?)

"Knock Knock (Who's There?)" unfolds as a musical enigma, beckoning listeners into a world of mystery and intrigue. Red Velvet's seamless vocal interplay and the track's infectious rhythm make it an instant favorite for those seeking an immersive sonic experience.

Track 3: Underwater

Dive deep into the emotive waters of "Underwater." This track's atmospheric production and introspective lyrics create a sonic landscape where listeners are submerged in a sea of feelings, carried by Red Velvet's emotive delivery.

Track 4: Will I Ever See You Again?

A poignant ballad that tugs at the heartstrings, "Will I Ever See You Again?" showcases Red Velvet's vulnerability and raw emotional power. The track's soulful melodies and introspective lyrics make it a standout piece in the album.

Track 5: Nightmares

"Nightmares" takes a sonic detour, introducing a darker and more experimental side of Red Velvet. This track weaves a haunting soundscape that lingers in the listener's mind, showcasing the group's versatility and willingness to explore new musical territories.

Track 6: Iced Coffee

A refreshing interlude, "Iced Coffee" serves as a musical palate cleanser. Its whimsical melodies and playful undertones provide a delightful contrast, ensuring the album's dynamic flow.

Track 7: One Kiss

"One Kiss" emerges as a pop-infused anthem, radiating infectious energy. Red Velvet's charismatic delivery and the track's upbeat tempo make it a standout choice for those seeking a sonic pick-me-up.

Track 8: Bulldozer

Bold and unapologetic, "Bulldozer" bulldozes its way into the listener's consciousness. This track's powerful beats and assertive lyrics make it a declaration of Red Velvet's musical prowess.

Track 9: Wings

"Wings" unfolds as a soaring ballad, allowing Red Velvet's vocals to take center stage. The track's evocative storytelling and cinematic production create an emotional journey that resonates with listeners.

Track 10: 풍경화 Scenery (Scenery Painting)

Closing the album on a poetic note, "풍경화 Scenery" is a musical masterpiece that paints a sonic tapestry. Red Velvet's artistry shines as they craft an exquisite finale, leaving listeners with a lingering sense of awe.


"Chill Kill" stands as a testament to Red Velvet's continued evolution and mastery of their craft. Each track is a brushstroke on a sonic canvas, creating a masterpiece that transcends genres and captivates audiences worldwide. As fans embark on this musical journey, "Chill Kill" cements Red Velvet's status as trailblazers in the ever-evolving landscape of K-pop.

Tracklist:  Red Velvet (레드벨벳) - Chill Kill - The 3rd Album  mp3

1. Chill Kill
2. Knock Knock (Who’s There?)
3. Underwater
4. Will I Ever See You Again?
5. Nightmare
6. Iced Coffee
7. One Kiss
8. Bulldozer
9. Wings
10. 풍경화 Scenery

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