NewJeans - NewJeans X 마이데몬 [2023.11.24✘MP3✘RAR]

NewJeans - NewJeans X 마이데몬 [2023.11.24✘MP3✘RAR]

NewJeans - NewJeans X 마이데몬
Detail:  NewJeans - NewJeans X 마이데몬
Artist & Title NewJeans - NewJeans X 마이데몬  
File FormatMP3
Release Date2023.11.24


Embark on a journey into the supernatural as the spellbinding drama My Demon unveils its soul-stirring soundtrack. A standout gem in this musical tapestry is "우리의 밤은 당신의 낮보다 아름답다" ("Our Night Is More Beautiful Than Your Day"), a mesmerizing composition sung by the gifted artist NewJeans. Released on November 24, 2023, this haunting melody serves as a sonic portal into the ethereal world of My Demon.

NewJeans: The Sonic Alchemist of My Demon's Soundtrack:

In the realm of My Demon, NewJeans emerges as the sonic alchemist, weaving a musical enchantment that perfectly encapsulates the otherworldly essence of the series. The artist's evocative vocals breathe life into "우리의 밤은 당신의 낮보다 아름답다," elevating it from a mere soundtrack to a standalone piece of auditory artistry.

A Musical Journey Through the Supernatural:

"우리의 밤은 당신의 낮보다 아름답다" is more than just a song; it's a sonic journey through the supernatural landscapes of My Demon. The composition mirrors the mystique, drama, and emotional depth of the series, inviting listeners to close their eyes and immerse themselves in the hauntingly beautiful world painted by the music.

Lyricism as Poetry of the Otherworldly:

The lyrics of "우리의 밤은 당신의 낮보다 아름답다" serve as a poetic tapestry, telling a story that resonates with the narrative of My Demon. NewJeans' lyrical delivery adds a layer of emotional richness, making every verse a piece of otherworldly poetry that lingers in the minds of those who listen.

Emotional Resonance with My Demon Fans:

As the My Demon OST makes its debut, social media platforms are ablaze with discussions, fan reactions, and shared emotions about "우리의 밤은 당신의 낮보다 아름답다." Join the online conversation to connect with fellow fans, share your favorite moments, and delve into the emotional resonance that this musical piece brings to the My Demon community.

Limited-Edition Sonic Artifact:

Released on November 24, 2023, "우리의 밤은 당신의 낮보다 아름답다" is not just a soundtrack; it's a limited-edition sonic artifact. Fans of My Demon and enthusiasts of NewJeans' musical prowess are urged to secure their copy, ensuring they have a tangible piece of this ethereal journey within their music collection.


NewJeans' rendition of "우리의 밤은 당신의 낮보다 아름답다" adds a layer of ephemeral beauty to the My Demon soundtrack, creating a musical tapestry that resonates with the essence of the series. Released on November 24, 2023, this haunting composition is more than a song; it's a key that unlocks the emotional depths of My Demon, leaving an indelible mark on those who dare to listen.

Tracklist:  NewJeans - NewJeans X 마이데몬 mp3
                 NewJeans - Our Night Is More Beautiful Than Your Day

1. NewJeans - 우리의 밤은 당신의 낮보다 아름답다
2. NewJeans - 우리의 밤은 당신의 낮보다 아름답다 (inst.)

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